Foreword | Corporate Profile | Atul Chordia, Chairman, Panchshil Realty
Atul Chordia

We dared to dream big. A dream to build not just homes, but lifestyles. A dream to create integrated workspaces, and to shower hospitality with gilded luxury. Our approach is focused on planned development, creating value assets for the city, and to become the leader in our spheres of business.

Over the years, we have seen our dreams come true. Our properties are now the biggest landmarks of Pune. We have ushered in not just the best construction practices, but also the world’s best brands to Pune, and in the process changed the city’s skyline.

The credit of our success goes to our partners, investors, clients and our thousand-strong workforce who makes us one of India’s finest luxury real estate brands. We know the road ahead is long and exciting, and we have many more milestones to establish. However, every milestone reaffirms our commitment to creating value assets for all stakeholders.  

Atul Chordia

Chairman – Panchshil Realty