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Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

1.1 Vision Statement
  • We are driven by the Passion to bring the world to Pune.
  • With cutting-edge Technology and Innovative Construction Practices, we aim to build developments that transform luxury and bring excellence to the core, commanding appreciation in Value and Identity.
  • We believe in incorporating designs that endure and quality that outlasts, setting new benchmarks in terms of sustainability and customer centricity for the real estate service.
  • We want our buildings to be the safest and healthiest place to work and live.
  • Provide a workplace environment supportive of workers and other stakeholder well-being.

1.2.1 Mission Statement
  • We endeavor to maintain a high-quality standard in Architecture that not only adapts in harmony with its surroundings but also promotes Life, Creativity and Happiness.

1.2.2 Our Values
  • Working with Integrity, Equality, Honesty and Fairness.
  • Respect for People.
  • Ethical Conduct.
  • Focus on Excellence and Continually Improving the Quality of our services by welcoming Innovation.
  • Committed to the Health and Safety of our Customers, Employees, Visitors and Sub-Contractors
  • Committed to the protection of the Environment

OHS Policy Statement
  • We at Panchshil Reality shall develop and implement an OHSMS within our areas of jurisdiction to protect our Employees, our Customers, our Sub-Contractors and their Employees and the Visitors from any adverse impact on Occupational Health and Safety arising from our Processes and Activities.
  • This Policy Statement is consistent with our Corporate Values and Mission Statement.
  • We are committed to complying with applicable Legal requirements and with other requirements to which the Organization subscribes that relate to its OHSMS Aspects.
  • We are committed to provide training, instruction, information and adequate supervision.
  • We shall provide and maintain a Safe Environment for workers and avoid any risk to Human Health by continuously monitoring work place risk and ensuring adequacy of control measures.
  • We are also committed to identify and eliminate hazards and manage risks and opportunities.
  • We shall regularly audit our OHSMS system and strive for Continual Improvement.
  • We shall involve Stakeholder, worker & workers representatives for Consultation, Participation and Communication for Continual improvement.
  • We are committed to the Provision of Resources and Support achieving OHS Objectives.
  • We are committed to Continual Improvement in OHS Management and OHS Performance
  • We shall document the OHS Management System which will be the framework for Setting, Reviewing and Continually Improving.
  • Our OHSMS shall be documented, implemented and maintained.
  • Our Policy shall be communicated to all stakeholders working under the control of the Organization with the intent that they are made aware of their individual Health and Safety responsibility.
  • Our Policy shall be made available to Interested Parties.
  • Our Policy shall review periodically to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to the Organization.
  • We are committed to the prevention of Injury and ill Health and ensuring Wellbeing.
  • We are committed to the Prevention of Pollution.
  • Panchshil Realty board of directors are ultimately responsible and committed to achieve excellence in Occupational Health and safety management. Also ranges from line management to frontline employees, clients, contractors and visitors. It is each employee, client and visitor’s and stakeholders responsibility to make themselves aware of the OHS risk management in their area and activity and proactively support, cooperate and share concerns and suggestions for continual improvement.
  • All responsibilities under each role for this policy are prepared, shared and acknowledged as understood.



Chairman - Panchshil Realty

Date: 26/10/2021

Rev: 05

Note- This policy is communicated to all employees, customers, suppliers, contractors.